Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not so broken....

So I have to admit that I have been feeling somewhat guilty for posting such a negative blog last week. After all, it was my first blog ever, and there it is for all of the world to see! I can say that it was real, and it was where I was at, so I guess I need to honor that experience and move on.

All of that to say that now, just a week later, I don't feel quite so broken anymore! YEAH!! I fully attribute it to God's grace, and the strength of friends and even strangers whose lives have impacted me over the last week. So to all of you, I say THANK-YOU!!

My job is one area that is becoming deeply fulfilling for me. For those of you who truly know me, you are aware that I am not exactly a big fan of early mornings. In fact, I LOVE to sleep more than anything. However, with great reluctance, I have started 2 music ensembles that meet before school on Monday and Tuesday mornings. I know, INSANE!! In fact, this morning, I arrived at exactly 7:57, diet coke in hand, and 25 kids going, "hurry up Mrs. Reynolds! We want to get started!!" That just warmed my heart. 45 kids join me Monday mornings for Choir and 40 kids join me Tuesday mornings for Orff Ensemble and we have a blast. They are so extraordinary in their abilities and we are making some pretty awesome music.

Before I head off to bed, I do have to reiterate my gratitude that dawn truly does follow the darkness. The last few weeks have truly pushed me to the place of exhaustion, and I desperately needed a moment of rest. My much wiser than me friend Erin reminded me that sometimes when facing life's toughest journeys, sometimes the goal is to just endure to the finish line. Its that process of daily putting one foot in front of the other in spite of exhaustion. The pace may have slowed, the enthusiasm may have waned, fear may be setting in that the end may never come, but its maintaining the endurance to ENDURE. I am so grateful for the supporters God has placed in my life who carry me when my own ability to endure is nearly gone, and I am even more grateful that God brings us back into the beauty of the sunshine after long, dark hours in the evening.

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