Monday, October 20, 2008


This is evidence of my decision to refocus my day following a rather unfortunate run-in with my ex-husband. So, here are the beautiful moments of my day:
  • I was a great teacher today. I was present, I was engaging, my lessons were right on, I had the stamina to teach at the level I want to teach at, and I made a difference in at least 2 of my kids' lives today.
  • After 12 weeks, I went and got my hair done tonight. That's right, 12!! It is shiny, dark, and beautiful.
  • Several times throughout the day, I stopped to thank God for the blessing of being single. Again, it's intentionally honoring that which is real in my life right now. And it was genuine, not some fake, I'm going to be a good Christian person.
  • I found the greatest secret pal gifts tonight for my awesome gal at school. She is AMAZING, and I found cheap but WAY cool gifts that totally remind me of her.
  • I was able to grieve tonight, and not with a sense of impending and uncertain death (I'm not being dramatic, this is part of my therapy), but a healthy, cry and heal from the pain. This is HUGE!
  • I deleted 2 people from my life today who no longer get to have the priveledge of hurting me. My heart and my life are worth protecting, and I will not allow it to continue any more.
  • I resisted the urge to call someone. Trust me, this is also HUGE!
  • Now, I am going to go to bed and sleep.

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